These are the playable classes in Knights of Eragia. Every race can play any class they desire, though there will be some races that synergize better with other classes such as a Dwarf Barbarian or a Purrmarion Bard due to the racial bonuses given by each race.

Choosing Your Class

You choose your first class upon creating your character (it will be part of Character Creation). There is no roleplaying required for acquiring your Class. You can also choose to go without a class (see more below) and pick a class any time you want.

Upon reaching level 5 with your base class, you are able to convert your Base Class into a Main Class

You are also capable of performing a class change once you've reached Level 5, 10, 15, 20, etc in that class. This does not include returning to a previous class, that can be done at any time. See more below.

Class and Stats

Depending on how much you change your class, it can alter your stats (to include HP/MP/etc).

To calculate the level for your current class, you will have to add up the levels and that is the total level of your character.

A person that is a level 5/10/ Soldier/Paladin has a combined level of 15, therefore they will have stats equal to a Level 15 character. However, if you decide to change your Main Class to a Dark Knight, you will be a 5/1 Soldier/Dark Knight -- which means you will have the stats of a Level 6 character. Keep this in mind when you change classes. This should also be observed when someone decides to change Base Classes as a Level 10 Paladin can be brought back down to a Level 1 if they decide to change their class to become a rogue.

Class Change 

At any time, a person may be able to change the following: Base Class or Main Class (if applicable). In order to change your class, request a class change (explaining what tier of class you wish to change: either base or main) with a 500 word RP about why your character decided to change their class. If the GMs deem it a good reason IC, you will be granted your class change. Keep in mind, you may only change Main Classes to another if you have fulfilled the requirements for it.

You may change from a Main Class to another Base Class. Upon changing from a Main Class to a Base Class, you will take on the highest level of that Base Class that you've achieved. If you are a Level 5/10 Dark Knight and you wish to try out Clergyman (and have never tried it before), you will be converted to a Level 1 Clergyman.

You will have to gain the Base Class up to Level 5 before you can change again.

Class Upgrade

Any time after reaching Level 5, you may upgrade your Base Class to a Main Class. If you upgrade your class at Level 5, you will become a

"Level 5/1" -- The first level denotes your base class's level and the second level denotes your Main Class's level. So if a Level 5 Soldier decides to upgrade to a Paladin, they will become a Level 5/1 Paladin. This means you have access to Level 5 Soldier and Level 1 Paladin skills. Soldier isn't mentioned as it is implied that you're a soldier by upgrading to Paladin.

It is important to note that you only gain EXP for the currently equipped Class. So gaining 1000 EXP as a Paladin will not give you any EXP as a Soldier.

It is also important to note that, upon upgrading your class, you do not lose any of your stats, but do start at level 1 (or highest level) in the new class.

Class Demotion

While you are fully capable of Upgrading a class, you may also demote yourself to one of your previous classes. This is so one could get the abilities of a previous class, level it up, and add it to their character's skillset.

So a Level 5/10 Paladin can demote themselves down to a Soldier, which is Level 5 (minimum), in order to level up Soldier Abilities. Sometimes it is tactically a good move to demote yourself in order to get some of the higher level abilities in the Base Class. This also increases the over-all level of the person in that Class and will also increase their stats, so sometimes it's not a bad idea to go back and level yourself up.

Class Max Levels

Base Class: Max Level 20

Main Class: Max Level 20

Base Classes

The following are a list of the Base Classes you can take, which (at level 3) can be changed to a Main Class.