These are the playable classes in Knights of Eragia. Every race can play any class they desire, though there will be some races that synergize better with other classes such as a Dwarf Barbarian or a Purrmarion Bard due to the racial bonuses given by each race.

Choosing Your Class

You choose your first class upon creating your character (it will be part of Character Creation). There is no roleplaying required for acquiring your Class. You can also choose to go without a class (see more below) and pick a class any time you want.

You are also capable of performing a class change once you've reached Level 5 and 10. See more below.

You are also capable of doing a dual-class or converting your class to a heroic class at Level 10. See more below.

Class Change 

Upon reaching Level 5 and 10, you are given the ability to change your class to something different. You cannot "save" these chances and may only change classes at those levels. In order to change your class, request a class change with a 500 word RP about why your character decided to change their class. If the GMs deem it a good reason IC, you will be granted your class change.

By doing this class change, you will lose EVERY ability associated with the class and will have to replace those abilities with the ones from the new class. You will not be given a stat reroll, however, for performing a Class Change. If you did a class change at level 5, you will be given one more chance at level 10 to change to yet another class or return to your previous class, following the exact same procedure to change classes. Once you reach level 11, you are stuck

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