NPCs (or Non-Playable Characters) are characters not controlled by a player. These NPCs (and the NPCs listed below) are all storyline relevant NPCs or NPCs meant to enrich the plot or world-build. While some NPCs do not have any actual significance, it is necessary to remember that these NPCs (those that are alive) are capable of interacting with the populace [If requested].

Historical NPCs

Historical NPCs are NPCs that were important to the backstory of Eragia and plot. NPCs similar to Sorren Exellon are there to give people information on important characters throughout the history of Eragia. Keep in mind that, due to Necromancy (storyline driven), these character may be brought back for plot reasons.

Interacting with NPCs

A PC (Player Character) is capable of interacting with any of the living/returned NPCs if they are moving around. Some of the NPC, however, may not be interact-able at certain times to support the narrative. However, NPCs that don't have a very strong presence in the narrative may be interacted with via an "NPC Interaction Request". It is here that a member of the staff with roleplay as the NPC and players may be able to roleplay with that NPC.

People may wish to assassinate an NPC such as a King, but remember that ALL NPCs have stats and some will not be alone. While it is completely possible to interact and kill an NPC, it would be highly inadvisable to do so alone, as it would lead you straight into the Reincarnation Forum to reroll a new character.

A kill on an NPC WILL change the status from Alive to Deceased, but if you are discovered having murdered this NPC you will have a Warrant out for your arrest.

Site NPC Stats

What are these stats? Well, the PC will never know as these stats are secret.

Normal, player created NPCs, however, do not have stats and cannot engage in combat.

NPC Listing

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