These are the playable races of Eragia. All of these races (minus Solaran and Lesser Dragon) are completely playable from Character Creation.

Solarans and Lesser Dragons are treated a little differently as they are seen as a "special" race. Read how to become a Solaran/Lesser Dragon later on down below.

Choosing Your Race

Unlike your Combat Specialties, once you have chosen a race, you cannot change it. But you can, however, change your racial traits. In order to change races, you will have to create a brand-new character.

Choosing Your Racial Traits

Upon Character Creation, you can choose 1 Combat Trait and 1 Roleplaying Trait. Keep in mind that some are tied together! These Racial Traits can stick with you for as long as you want, but the user must wait at least 2 OOC months before changing Racial Traits.

Changing Your Racial Traits

After you have created your character, you have to wait 2 OOC months before you can change your racial traits. To do this, simply request it in your faction's Request Board with a 300 word roleplay on why the change occurred In-Character. Once approved, the Faction Moderators will update your Character Sheet with your new Character Trait.

Becoming Solaran/Lesser Dragon

One may only become a Solaran/Lesser Dragon upon reaching Level 10+ on one character and going through a "New Character Creation". Upon requesting to become a Solaran/Lesser Dragon, the player will lose all of their gained EXP, all of their gained items, and all of their gained Silver Pieces. Everyone who becomes a Solaran/Lesser Dragon will start out as if they JUST began anew. A Solaran's/Lesser Dragon's EXP requirements are double that of normal EXP requirements due to the immense power of being a Solaran or Lesser Dragon.

Character after a Solaran/Lesser Dragon

Much like becoming a Solaran or Lesser Dragon, the player will lose everything and start back over at level 1.

List of Races

The following is a list of the races