Draconians are a proud warrior-race having descended from dragons several aeons ago. Unlike their cousin-race, they have lost their wings and have shrunk in stature allowing them to function with the rest of the sentient-races and propagate their race to substantially higher numbers than dragons. Due to their lineage, they can be seen as cocky when it comes to their combat prowess; believing they are capable of mowing over any opponent by using their enormous strength and draconic weaponry.

Draconians grew up, starting from a young age, learning the art of combat. Before they reach puberty, spartan-like training becomes their life. Utilizing weaponry from every possible region and requesting help from the goddess, the Dragon Queen, *Mikaytha*. Draconians prioritize glory over lesser things like money or love. They will, however, fight for resources and territory if they are running low on either.

Draconians respect magic, but severely frowns upon using it. Other Draconians who see one of their kin using magic will generally shun the magic user as they see it as a transgression against the glory of Mikaytha.

Racial Passive

All Draconians gain all 3 of the following passive effects:

Racial Roleplaying Trait

All Draconians gain 1 Roleplaying Trait at Character Creation. A 2nd Roleplaying Trait is obtained at Lvl 10.

Racial Combat Trait

All Draconians gain 1 Combat Trait at Character Creation. A 2nd Combat Trait is obtained at Lvl 10.