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Main Class Upgrades

Main Class Description
Warrior The most generic of all of the Fighter Classes. Warriors are people with raw fighting capabilities and a wide-array of weapons and armor that they can equip. While this class seems pretty generic, one would hardly ever see a party without one.
Berserker Fighters that let violence put them into a fit of rage. They use this rage to go all-out and display superhuman capabilities to include ignoring pain and pushing through what most others would deem impossible. Their mantra is "kill kill kill"
Ronin Lordless due to the last war, Ronin are Lordless Samurai. They are extremely efficient killers who utilize speed and precision over raw power. This is the only class capable of wielding the Katana.
Monk Pugilists who fight with their fists, they are also trained in the art of medicine and the ability to use a special kind of magic called 'Chakra'.
Grappler Monstrous Fighters who utilize their ability to grab a person in order to fight. They utilize either massive body slams, submission holds for Damage over Time, as well as violent throws to incapacitate their foes. This class requires a STR of at least 15.
Soul Blade Using their own life-force, Soul Blades are capable of creating any weapon/armor to fit the occasion. Whether it be a powerful Sword to even the strongest of shields. Soul Blades are the only class that gains a signature weapon and due to this, they cannot wield any other weapon other than their signature weapon and the weapon(s) they can create.