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Welcome to the Knights of Eragia Wikia. Here, you will find all the resources you need talking about general rules of the RP site as well as information in regards to Playable Races, Playable Classes, Equipment, Battle Rules, and the Site Rules. Please refer to here often as your source for in-game information. Any changes made to this wikia will be posted in the announcement board on the forum, itself.

For those that have found this and not know about the Knights of Eragia RP, it's a forum-based roleplaying site taking elements of Dungeons & Dragons and other fantasy elements and put together to form a roleplaying community. This site has a simple, yet effective battle system using the d20 dice system. If this interests you, please join us at [Knights of Eragia RP].

Current Storyline

About 60 years ago, a terrible war was waged throughout the land of Eragia. The Grand Tyrant Sorren Exellon took over the world, claiming absolute dominion for the Human race. The annexation of Eragia was swift and without much resistance which lead to the enslavement of all races except humans; placing them on a much higher pedestal than the other races. This caused anguish and hatred against the human race with slave riots being quelled by the Grand Tyrant's might. This subjugation would continue for another 7 years.

It was then that 6 brave warriors stepped up against Sorren Exellon's tyranny. These *Six Heroes* (as they were known) lead by a dwarf named *Thonrin Axefall* started their campaign to liberate everyone in Eragia. The Six Heroes gathered six hallowed weapons known as the *Avatar Blades* and liberated the world, including the select few humans that were subjugated by Sorren Exellon, and brought peace back to the world by defeating the Grand Tyrant.

In the current day, everyone lives in harmony; aside from the enslaved Purrmarions and the remaining hatred of humans. Humans were disallowed advancement to any throne so not to repeat the same errors from 60 years ago. In the new era of peace, there are tensions between the *Tekithian Kingdom* to the north and the *Corsinian Kingdom* to the south. Your story starts in the middle of a brewing conflict within the *Holy Kingdom of Hal'Rim* within the *Holy City of Sol*.

Basic RP Rules

  • Do not Godmod
  • Do not Metagame
  • Do not Loophole
  • Do not Flame others
  • Do not Flame-Bait
  • Do not RP out gratuitous sexual situations
  • Do not RP out gratuitous violence
  • Do not post more than once per round
  • Do create plots with other players
  • Do enjoy going on adventures with other players
  • Do understand that IRL > IC; so patience is requested

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