This is the Base Class of Mages; those who manipulate the world and use magic. There is a wide variety of magical disciplines that one could take; regardless of it's legality within the Realm of Eragia. While magic is much slower to use, it's effects are absolutely devastating.

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Main Class Upgrades

Sorcerer Mages who utilize elemental magic and relies on their animal familiar.
Druid Mages who utilize nature and are capable of transforming into beasts found in nature.
Necromancer Mages who utilize the power of Life and Death to summon undead servants to do their bidding.
Summoner Mages who manifest magical creatures to fight for them, utilizing abilities associated with their magical creature
Illusionist Mages who utilize illusions to directly attack a target's mind, making them think the pain they feel is real (as well as throw them off with hallucinations).
Magical Girl (Not Gender Exclusive) Mages who must transform in order to perform a grand series of feats involving magic and a signature weapon.
Enchanter Mages who utilize the ability to enchant themselves or another target with magical buffs.
Parasite Mages who utilize dark magic meant for draining targets of their life force and even stealing memories.
Psion Mages who utilize their sixth sense to be able to manipulate things with their mind. They also come equipped with special 'Mage Hands' that are capable of doing their bidding for them.
Nucleon Mages who utilize their ability to manipulate the four fundamental forces and are capable of manipulating things at a molecular level.